Common Goal x Minute Media

One more time: visibility matters. It matters a lot.  

“Equal participation, representation and leadership of women and non-binary people in football.” It’s a gender equity vision we stand by and, as a movement, we are deeply committed to each of those words. And it is a very ambitious one, that needs collaboration from partners and allies at all levels in football. 

We've stated before that visibility matters—and it matters a lot.  

The work we do to foster equal participation, opportunities, and leadership pathways for women and non-binary individuals both on and off the pitch is incomplete without a transformation of the culture around us. This is important at the community level as well as at the global level, and the media has a lot of responsibility to enable that transformation. Moments like the Women’s World Cup are incredible opportunities to do so but the efforts need to remain throughout the year. 

Earlier this summer, our longstanding friends at Minute Media, along with their brands including The Players' Tribune, 90min, and FanSided, launched the #HeretoStay Campaign. This initiative aims to highlight the support needed for women’s sports throughout the year, not solely during global events like the World Cup. ‘Here to Stay’ campaign speaks to what the Common Goal movement’s efforts in the gender equity space are all about – long-lasting support and impact in every corner of football, both during and beyond crucial milestones like the Women’s World Cup. 

Throughout the summer, as we celebrated the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Minute Media and its brands spotlighted the women who are effecting real change in sports, on and off the pitch. They are paving the way for an equitable playing field. These highlights also included a number of initiatives led by Common Goal athletes, such as the US National Team Mental Initiative and the Climate Action campaign led by Sofie Junge-Pedersen and others. 

Furthermore, as part of the ongoing desire to see the women’s game thrive in its own right, Minute Media have also committed to supporting Common Goal’s Equal Play Effect and is encouraging fans across all its platforms to also donate and support our shared vision via the following page. To further its commitment in support of Equal Play Effect, Minute media has pledged to donate 1% of its media spend at the peak of the Women's World Cup to promote the initiative.  

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 comes to an end, let’s celebrate the incredible milestones achieved through this season and remember that our efforts, like women’s football, should be #heretostay.