Common Goal joins forces with Jung von Matt SPORTS for new impact sponsorship offering to the global football industry

Common Goal and Jung von Matt SPORTS share the belief that football has the power to change the world when the world plays together for good.

Today more than ever, the social power of football also calls for associated brands and sponsors to do and be more than just advertisers.

As 73% of citizens globally expect companies to take a stance on social issues, sport and football sponsorship must change perspectives. Together, Common Goal and Jung von Matt SPORTS are embarking on their next chapter within football for good.

Having worked collectively in the past for the global FIFA Partners adidas and Hyundai to join the Common Goal movement, the two independent companies are now launching a new joint service offering under the banner of “T3MP0RARY” aiming to make every football sponsorship count on the road to 2030, when the Global Goals reach their mark and the FIFA World Cup will be celebrating its centennial competition.

The new joint impact sponsorship service offering from Common Goal, the world’s leading football for good collective, and Jung von Matt SPORTS, one of the most awarded creative agencies in sports worldwide, contains three pillars for brands and sponsors to access: 1) strategic consultancy on respective narrative, assets and impact KPI’s, 2) creative planning and execution of campaign and content formats to activate sponsorship assets and platforms through meaningful communication and 3) implementation of high-impact initiatives that accelerate progress towards the Global Goals. 

But T3MP0RARY is set to exist only until 2030, calling to consult and co-create sponsorship opportunities for purpose-led brands in football aligning its objectives with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have also set a target date of 2030.

The intentional alignment between both companies reflects their commitment to a shared vision for driving positive change. By embracing the SDGs, “T3MP0RARY” is targeting global and local football sponsorships from strategic planning across creative communication solutions all the way to deliver social programs end-to-end. By connecting the football for good expertise and network of Common Goal and the strategic and creative excellence of sports marketing agency Jung von Matt SPORTS, the duo is set to launch a new kind of sponsorship service to the global football industry.

Robert Zitzmann, Managing Director & Partner at Jung von Matt SPORTS: "Fan expectations have changed globally. Today, fans are here to drive change and become part of the game for good. And that calls for brands and sponsors to change the way they entertain, engage and enrich their audiences through football.

On the road to 2030, the global football industry is facing the greatest challenges as well as its greatest chances. Brands can – and must - play their part and invest corporate and relevant marketing resources in football for good. Together with Common Goal, our mission is to deliver future-proof football sponsorships from strategic planning to social programs. Impact sponsorship is the way forward for all associated brands, creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable future for all on and off the pitch."

Jürgen Griesbeck, Associate & CEO at Common Goal: "Football’s engagement with social issues and sustainability has been far too slow, not coordinated and not enforced enough. If we want to make real progress, we need to better leverage our individual strengths towards collective action. Joining forces with Jung von Matt SPORTS represents our vision of a future where football sponsors embrace their responsibility to create tangible impact. Our purpose is to support this transition by providing guidance and resources. As partners take the lead, our ultimate goal is to fade into the background as we share the belief of radical team play."

In the past, Common Goal and Jung von Matt SPORTS have been working for leading brands such as adidas and Hyundai in the field of impact sponsorship. Common Goal and adidas have been partnering since 2021 to redefine football's purpose, driving positive change worldwide. This pioneering partnership helps create a more inclusive and sustainable game, inspiring a new era of social impact in football and sport. With the social platform "Goal of the Century", Jung von Matt SPORTS and Hyundai launched the first dedicated sustainability campaign of any sponsor around the FIFA World Cup. As part of the global campaign, Hyundai allocated 1% of its annual FIFA sponsorship fee to the Common Goal movement. The campaign and partnership will continue during the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 under the umbrella of female empowerment.

For more information please visit www.temporary2030.com.