Tonsser United Joins Common Goal

Collaboration aims to help drive equal access to football

Tonsser United, a 21st-century football club that aims to create opportunities for young players and promote equal access to football, is teaming up with Common Goal. The collaboration aims to harness the power of football to drive positive social impact and create a meaningful impact on young people around the world. 

By teaming up with Common Goal, Tonsser aims to extend its impact beyond the game itself and contribute to social causes with a focus on racial injustice, gender equity, and climate action in and around football. 

Through the collaboration, the two will join forces to further develop Tonsser United and related player projects to advance initiatives that promote equal access to football. 

Tonsser United has already made significant strides in providing alternative player paths for young footballers. The teams are made of all unsigned youth players and have been selected from data and video on the Tonsser app. Tonsser United teams have played against teams like PSG, Lyon and Juventus - while clubs like AC Milan, Ajax, Southampton and FC Copenhagen regularly attend the Tonsser United Showcases where unsigned and often underrated youth players attend as an alternative journey to being discovered. French clubs like PSG, Nantes and Caen have all signed players from Tonsser United in 2023.  

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Common Goal in our shared mission to empower players,” said Peter Holm, CEO of Tonsser.  

“The ambitions are aligned and big, as we share a passion for challenging gatekeepers, friction and stigma that are holding players and especially young players back. 

“Together, and through Tonsser United, we can leverage our respective strengths to make a real difference in the lives of young footballers, on and off the pitch.”